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The difference between "medicating myself" and "just having it around to get stoned" is fairly easy to understand. People that are medicating can recite the symptoms that the cannabis is being used to treat, whereas recreational users tend to concentrate on what they are usually trying to do under the influence of their choice substances.

It is the responsibility of every cannabis user to understand for what reason they have cannabis as a part of their lives. By being examples of responsible medical-cannabis users we not only live healthier lives, but we promote greater interest in this form of healing while also deteriorating the impression that marijuana-based medicines are part of some sort of "counter-culture movement" that would alienate the general public.

We, the people of California, have the chance to show the world how functional medical cannabis can be. The right to Doctor recommended Cannabis-based therapy is ours as long as no state lines are crossed and no medication is being sold. It should only be a matter of time until there is more than enough medication in California for every patient who benefits from it.

Medical cannabis at it’s best can be a truly beautiful thing. People helping one another in ways that have indescribably positive impacts on the lives of not just the patient, but the loved ones of the patient as well. A large range of symptoms from the little things that keep us from enjoying life to the completely debilitating can be managed through proper observation and therapies. Some people, after years of having forgotten how good life is supposed to be, are coming "back to life" by being able to rejoin their families and loved ones thanks to the maturity of medical science. When someone consistently has the encouragement they need, therapies that are helpful, and unrestricted access to all the medication that they need, functionality in life can be a very possible thing.

The existing reality of medical cannabis in California is not so euphoric in many parts of this state. Patients can be expected to pay as much as they can scrounge to get an inadequate supply of medication. Incomes among patients are often low to begin with, while prices of up to $480 an ounce for dried seedless flowers help next to none of the sufferers who can truly benefit from it. Cannabis "clubs" and drug dealers don’t care if a sick person has to sacrifice large percentages of their Supplemental Security Income to save a few days out of the month for relief.

Aside from how much is being unjustly withheld from the patients, what is even more maddening is that any person with a few years of research and experience can be producing medication of the very highest quality at often less than one-tenth the cost of what it is being sold to patients for. This scene is made even worse by many of the "club employees." False wisdom is passed on to patients from employees, misleading them into wasting their medicine with inefficient delivery methods. These employees use their status to pressure patients into using their medication in ways they otherwise wouldn’t.

Peer pressure can even factor in at some clubs, with handfuls of seemingly healthy young people working the counters with customer-bases of the same age. Mixing the sick with the twisted has resulted in the order to close all "medical-cannabis dispensary clubs" within three-thousand feet of the 19th and Telegraph C A R E, the area that "Oaksterdam" bloomed in.

Crimes against compassion are being committed at this very moment in "Oaksterdam" style districts. Unless this trend is reversed, and reversed promptly, these injustices will be repeated while more and more Americans lose the hope of ever having a legal right to cannabis-therapy.

This flyer was written by a group composed of people from all walks of life. We need to find out if there is enough interest around Sacramento County in order to support a Branch that will be able to supply patients with everything they need for cannabis therapy. The amount is typically between two and four ounces of dried seedless flowers, but no one will be left with less than they need.

If enough interest is demonstrated a non-profit organization will be founded and will start accepting free-will donations of up to one-hundred dollars per month, but will not accept donations greater than that amount from patients.

All services provided by HerbandCompassion will be at no cost to the patient, every patient that takes part in the program will be provided with all of the medication they need.

We’re looking for people that might be able to contribute experiences will any form of medicine, positive or negative. We’re especially trying to find out about other alternative therapies we could be providing in addition to cannabis in order to help people become well. Our goal is to be able to help provide a combination of treatment options that enable the patients to live healthier and longer lives without having to sacrifice something they already have.

this is something I wrote that went on a medMJ flier last Saturday. Tell me how it is.
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