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Dutchess Jennifer Von Poopenstocken XV

The American Dream...

...sure as hell ain't this. (I have found my rant subject. If this is inappropriate or I have posted in a manner you don't like, tell me and I will delete this entry without question.)

What is this boy thinking? That stuffing himself full of a second-rate greaseburger place and then putting the (rather nauseating) pictures online will make him some kind of a man? This is digusting. Maybe I'm a bad person, maybe I've been brainwashed into believing in America's perfect body image...but I can tell you that isn't true. I'm on the opposite of that spectrum. I'm TOO lithe, according to the general concensus. I'm nearly five-foot, and just approximately ninety lbs. I just...what kind of person can be trusted if their outside is so mistreated? What person would let their outer shell, a living, working machine, capable of building the monuments that last centuries and moving mountains...what person...would let that nearly reverent outer image become so displeasing?

Now I know that people are born large, and that it is in their genes, but only because )one or both of) their parents were just as sloven, thyroid problems nonwithstanding. I know overweight people. I love overweight people, some are in my family, some are my friends...but the quite a few of the large people I have met in my life AREN'T round, jolly, happy people. They're bitter, whiny, and constantly complain of their weight. IT CAN BE FIXED, CAN'T IT? Don't bitch to me about your weight. You won't get any sympathy. As a child, I was taunted for puking and starving myself. I was rumored to be a bulemic, an anorexic, hell, some kids even whispered that my parents starved me. Don't come to me. I've spent most of my free time trying to put on weight, to round myself out--to gain enough weight that my body could undergo goddamn PUBERTY. No, it's not all horomones, folks, it's also based on your body fat index. I wasn't truly entering puberty until I was fourteen. But enough of my sobstories, coz I can change my weight, just like this guy could. I can gain it, although it will be a bit harder for me to gain it than it would be for him to lose it...I bet you money this guy gets all pissed when people mock him for his weight...but then he goes and does that. One obese person in his comments was upset at him as well because he was parading his obesity on the web. I agree with this person. What kind of drugs do you have to be on to find this entertaining? People are leaving comments like "WOO! DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! THEY'RE JUST JEALOUS! GO USA, KEEP IT UP!" What kinda bullshit is that? We're not jealous, we're disgusted. Not only is it a gluttonous show of greaseburgers, but it's self-centered too.
Ugh. What with all the stupid lawsuits and reality tv and this kinda crap on the web, I'm starting to become embarrassed for my fellow Americans. What kind of bullshit is this? What kind of society are we were gluttony is praised when there are kids in our own country starving? And it's not their fault, sometimes it's not even their parents' fault (when drugs, welfare fraud, and plain laziness and neglect aren't factored in). What country is this?

God bless America, oh God BLESS America, or we're all going to Hell in a fast, gas-guzzling SUV.
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